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Unfair and Illegal Tribunal
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Mr. Magoo's glasses
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 Saddam Hussein. Picture / Reuters

Saddam Hussein. Picture / Reuters

Mr. Magoo was blind to the truth

                              Judge Rahman                                    

Human Rights Watch condemned the verdict as unsound,
saying the court had been guilty of so many shortcomings
that a fair trial had been impossible.
It said the court lacked the expertise
 for such a complex trial,
 had failed to give the defence advance notice
 of key documents,
 while statements by government officials
 had undermined its independence
 and perceived impartiality.
UN human rights experts also identified
 "serious procedural shortcomings"
 and called on Iraq
 not to carry out the death sentences.
 They also said Saddam was not given enough time
 to prepare his defence
 and had restricted access to his lawyers.