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President of IRAQ under fire
President and Prime Minister -- IRAQ
A Just Peace
Criminal Assault ICRC
Saddam's Enemies
Unfair and Illegal Tribunal
Saddam's Truth
"big bush" blubbers
Go Ayman Go
Barzan, Watban, and Sabawi
8 pigheaded whitemen
dubya's debacle
death by design
Extreme Abuses
Extreme Abuses page 2
All I want for Christmas. . .
Crimes Unlimited
Pictures Worth Printing
Libelous Pictures

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President and Prime Minister

Saddam Hussein

has defended himself and his government

from the criminal assault of usurpers

and connivers.

The most important action of the United Nations
at this juncture is to restore the legitimate government
of IRAQ -- President Saddam Hussein and the RCC
And to try the criminal co-conspirators:
(Amended to include V.Putin 11/24/06)